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Winbush & Winbush is a sustainable British brand designed with simplicity in mind. We draw a lot of our inspiration from the sea, any time spent by the water or on the water gets the creativity flowing. In a world full of fast fashion, we aim to bring you high quality sustainable clothing, that is not only good for you but also for our planet. All of our clothing in printed on demand, meaning that we only make what we need. We also try to use as many organic and enviromentally friendly items as we can, and our sustainable collection is printed in a factory run on renewable energy on the Isle of Wight. Where possible, we use plastic free packaging and our aim is to become a completely plastic free company by the end of this year. Since day one we have been offering our customers the best selection of products at affordable prices. Our online store has become synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of smart casual clothing and handmade accessories.


Our team is an incredible source of information, inspiration, and dedication to everything Winbush & Winbush stands for. We’re so happy to work in something that we love so much, and invite you to learn more about us below.



Owner and Founder 

Harriet is a young creative who is filled with inspiration from the time she spends sailing around the world, whether she’s in the Solent teaching others to sail or racing in the Caribbean – there’s never a dull moment at sea. Whilst growing up Harriet was educated at a performing arts college where she became a qualified dance teacher, she would also paint and sew in the evening and race sailing dinghies at the weekend. After completing her education she made the move from sailing dinghies to sailing yachts – and instantly it felt only natural that she should share her energy and knowledge of sailing with others. Pursuing the career of being a sailing instructor presented her with the amazing opportunity of constantly meeting new people and discovering new places – as a result of this she went on to spend a few seasons taking part in regattas in the Caribbean. Time on land and calm days at sea during Atlantic crossings became time for transferring inspiration in to custom garment designs, initially just making items for friends and family, then sharing her own twist on timeless classics and even necessity items such as face masks, the collection continues to grow and Harriet is very proud to bring you Winbush & Winbush.


The Support Team

Mum, Dad, Brother, Grandparents, you get the idea... A lot of what happens at Winbush & Winbush wouldn’t be possible without the constant support from the rest of the family. Whether it’s helping with designs for a new project, giving inspiration or offering a helping hand during busy days.

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